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Share price

Leonardo ordinary shares are traded on the Italian Electronic Stock Exchange (Mercato Telematico Azionario - MTA) organised and managed by Borsa Italiana SpA and are identifiable by these codes:

  • ISIN Code: IT0003856405
  • Nasdaq: LDO-MTAA
  • Bloomberg: LDO IM

Leonardo works towards constructing an ongoing and professional relationship with its shareholders and bondholders in general and with institutional investors through Investor Relations and SRI (Sustainable Responsible Investors). This office handles financial and also extra-financial information on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) themes and relations with credit rating agencies.

More information is available in the Investors section of the Company’s website (

Major shareholders

Below is the last Shareholder Analysis performed in January 2017 showing the geographical distribution of the Leonardo’s share capital and the total shareholder composition:


For more information, please refer to the page “Shareholding Structure” of Investors section at the institutional website (

Performance of Leonardo stock in the Bloomberg EMEA Aerospace&Defense (BEUAERO) and the leading Italian and European indexes (4 January 2016 = 100)

Below is Leonardo’s stock performance from the beginning of 2016 to 28 February 2017, compared with the Bloomberg EMEA Aerospace&Defense (BEUAERO), the index of the 40 major listings in the Milan Stock Exchange (FTSEMIB) and the index composed of the 600 top listings in Europe (S&P600).

Stock performance