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26. Other operating income/(expenses)

Grants for research and development costs (*)21-21---
Other operating grants2-2---
Reversals (Accruals) to provisions for risks and final losses on orders and reversal of impairment of receivables224(223)1-(12)(12)
Exchange rate difference on operating items150(137)13---
Insurance reimbursements3-3---
Restructuring costs10(15)(5)---
Indirect taxes-(13)(13)-(6)(6)
Other operating income (expenses)23(27)(4)2(8)(6)
Other operating income (expenses) from related parties (Note 32)15(3)129(1)8

(*) To which receivables for grants assessed by the grantor in relation to capitalised costs of €mil 63 (0 at 31 December 2015), are added, plus the assessment of “Non-recurring costs pending under Law 808/1985” (Note 10) equal to €mil. 58 (0 at 31 December 2015).

Restructuring costs include both costs incurred and accruals to the “Restructuring provision”. Costs and accruals relating to personnel are found under personnel expense (Note 27).