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26. Other operating income (expenses)

Grants for research and development costs (*)25-2553-53
Other operating grants17-175-5
Gains/losses on sales of intangible asset, property, plant and equipment10(2)818(4)14
Reversals (accruals) to provisions for risks, final losses on orders and impairment of receivables440(396)44468(453)15
Exchange rate difference on operating items190(178)12189(211)(22)
Insurance reimbursements4-430-30
Restructuring costs-(33)(33)3(23)(20)
Indirect taxes-(34)(34)-(40)(40)
Other operating income (expenses)51(82)(31)44(68)(24)
Other operating income (expenses) from/to related parties (Note 34)5(1)413(7)6

(*) To which receivables for grants assessed by the grantor in relation to capitalised costs of €mil 65 (€mil. 83 at 31 December 2015), are added, plus the assessment of “Non-recurring costs pending under Law 808/1985” (Note 12) equal to €mil. 58 (€mil. 79 at 31 December 2015).

Restructuring costs include both costs incurred and accruals to the “Restructuring provision”. Costs and accruals relating to personnel are found under personnel expense (Note 27).