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22. Other current and non-current liabilities

 31 December 201631 December 2015
Employee obligations4732247327
Deferred income114939766
Amounts due to social security institutions-1645170
Payables to MED (Law no. 808/85)30710632466
Payables to MED for royalties (Law no. 808/85)1963118127
Other liabilities (Law no. 808/85)190-193-
Indirect tax liabilities-119-139
Other liabilities301868268766
Other payables to related parties (Note 34)-166-306

The payables to the Ministry for Economic Development (MED) relate to monopoly costs accrued under Law 808/1985 on national security and similar projects, as well as payables for grants received from MED for the development of programmes not related to national security and similar projects eligible for benefits under Law 808/1985.

“Other liabilities (Law 808/1985)” include the difference between the monopoly costs charged for the national security programmes and the amount actually due based on agreed repayment ratios.

“Other payables” include, in particular, the non-current payable due to Bell Helicopter amounting to €mil. 275 (€mil. 248 at 31 December 2015), deriving from the acquisition of 100% of the AW609 programme. This amount also includes the reasonably estimated potential consideration due to Bell Helicopter based on the commercial success of the programme.