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13. Trade and financial receivables

 31 December 201631 December 2015
Cumulative impairments(164)(2)(14)-
Related parties current receivables (Note 32)1,226326912,558

Trade receivables increased as a result of the centralisation process and of the usual business trend of the period. On the contrary, loans and receivables decreased as a result of the write-off of the parent company’s receivables from the business units and companies merged.

Trade receivables include €mil. 38 for receivables from Sukhoi and Superjet which will be collected beyond 12 months, in accordance with the repayment and rescheduling plan defined during the sale of the Superjet Russian business.

The composition of assets by currency and geographical area is shown in Appendices nos. 5 and 6 to these Notes. The ageing of receivables together with an analysis of how the Company manages credit risk is reported under Note 33.