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12. Receivables and other non-current assets

 31 December 201631 December 2015
Financing to third parties2735
Non current financial receivables from Superjet65-
Guarantee deposits99
Deferred grants under Law no. 808/855844
Defined benefit plan assets, net (Note 21)367351
Related party receivables (Note 34)13
Other non-current receivables5961
Non-current receivables586503
Prepayments - non-current portion913
Equity investments at cost1817
Non-recurring costs pending under Law no. 808/19857577
Fair value of the residual portion in portfolio of Ansaldo Energia-131
Non-current assets102238

Non-current receivables mainly increased as a result of the reclassification from current loans and receivables of the financial receivable from Superjet, which can be collected after 12 months as a consequence of the definition of a 4-year repayment plan arranged with the acquirer within the rescheduling of Leonardo’s participation in this programme (a transaction described in the section on “Industrial and Financial Transactions” of the Report on operations). Such amount was taken into account in calculating the KPI “Group Net Debt”, as highlighted in Note 19.

Other non-current assets decreased as a result of the reclassification within current assets of the fair value of 15% of the share capital of Ansaldo Energia (classified as fair value through profit and loss), considering that the expiry date of Leonardo’s put option and FSI’s call option is nearing (i.e. between 30 June and 31 December 2017).