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10. Receivables and other non-current assets

 31 December 201631 December 2015
Financing to third parties11
Non current financial receivables from Superjet65-
Deferred grants under Law no. 808/8552-
Related parties receivables (Note 32)68105
Other non-current receivables10-
Non-current receivables196106
Prepayments - non-current portion8-
Non-recurring costs pending under Law no. 808/198575-
Other non current assets-11
Fair value of the residual portion in portfolio of Ansaldo Energia-131
Non-current assets83142

Non-current receivables showed an increase of €mil. 90, mainly as a result of the business combinations (€mil. 72). The item at 31 December 2016 also included the non-current portion (€mil. 65) of the receivable claimed from SuperJet S.p.A., arising from the 4-year repayment plan agreed with the acquirer within the reorganisation of Leonardo’s participation in this programme.

Non-current assets showed a decrease of €mil. 59, mainly as a result of the reclassification of the fair value of the remaining equity investment in Ansaldo Energia (€mil. 131 at 31 December 2015) to current assets, net of any increase attributable to business combinations (€mil. 88 at 1 January 2016).