the path
to growth

Results 2016

Results achieved, commercial and also economic and financial, confirm the effectiveness of the choices on which the Industrial Plan, prepared in 2014, is based.

Sustainability and Innovation Report 2016
The 2016 Sustainability and Innovation Report focuses on the first results of the transformation in One Company, the first year as Leonardo and the first tangible signs of a new approach based on a strategy that integrates even more effectively business and sustainability, committed to bring together the interests of public and private stakeholders, institutions and companies, employees and students, with the objective to create shared value.

The new phase: Development and Growth

2017-2021 Industrial Plan

The new 2017-2021 Industrial Plan forecasts progressive growth of the Group, based on a more effective focus on markets – to be achieved through a unified and integrated presence and more competitive offerings – and a growth, both organic and external, in its core business areas.

These initiatives will be accompanied by additional strong actions aimed to improve industrial efficiency, through a continuous improvement in Leonardo key industrial processes (manufacturing, engineering and supply chain), with increasing efficiency and effectiveness.